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Daily Multivitamins

USANA Essentials are high quality multi-vitamins to keep you healthy. Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral give you a great basis for cellular health.



Weight Management Kit

Reinvent yourself with RESET weight-management system, and lose five pounds in five days.


Salon Quality Shampoo

Sense shampoo, conditioner & skin care products contain healthy ingredients.

HealthPak 100  multi vitamins
Essentials  multi vitamins
Body Rox  teens vitamins
Usanimals  childrens vitamins
Vitamin D  bone & heart health 
BiOmega  omega-3 fish oils
CoQuinone 30  CoQ10
Ginkgo-PS  ginkgo biloba
Hepasil DTX
Palmetto Plus  saw palmetto
Phytoestrin  phytoestrogens
Visionex  vitamin C, zinc
Procosa II  glucosamine
Diet & Energy
Fibergy  drink mix
Nutrimeal, French Vanilla
Nutrimeal, Wild Strawberry
  Sensé Basics
Daytime Protective SPF 15
Night Renewal
Sensé Basic Pack
Sensé Splash
Firming Body Nourisher
Intensive Hand Therapy


USANA Nutritional Supplements

Top Quality Vitamins,
Nutrition Shakes, Skin Care 

Want real science-based nutritional products for greater health?
My name is Ray Christensen and USANA is the answer!   I had always recognized the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially when seeing the affects of age on people who could have taken better care of their bodies.       
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Want the #1 nutritional supplement out of 500 products?
[Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, 1st-3rd editions]
USANA Essentials vitamins have improved my performance and I distribute them to help others feel healthier and improve their overall wellness.

In 2002, I took up running at age 40.  Through a proper diet, training, and an increased focus on nutrition, I've been feeling younger ever since. I've run 22 marathons (26.2 miles), including the 2005,06 & 09
Boston Marathon!   But you don't have to be a marathoner to feel the benefits of vitamins and supplements... 

If you're interested in bettering your health and fitness, try USANA's high quality products.  "Enroll Online" at the top of this page, or Contact Me.


Call me direct (302) 633-1482  M-F 8am-5pm ET.

If you desire additional income, click "Contact Me" at left,  or call me for details on this great work at home MLM opportunity!   Learn why USANA has been voted the #1 Network Marketing company for over 9 straight years!       Stay fit!


Healthy Weight Loss Products -- RESET Your Body!

Lose weight the healthy way through proper nutrition, diet, and exercise.

Activate your body's RESET button with USANA's 5-Day High-Fiber Cleanse. Reduce the endless cycle of carbohydrate cravings and begin a lifetime of healthy habits with RESET. A nutritionally balanced meal-replacement program that will jump-start your weight management efforts, RESET is the first step toward resetting your body and your life.

Research shows that eating low-glycemic foods as part of a balanced diet is a healthy way to help control hunger and start losing weight. Learn about it in our PRODUCTS area and Contact Me with any questions!  

USANA Quality Assurance

USANA Health Sciences formulates exceptional, science-based nutritional and personal-care products. However, inferior manufacturing can destroy even the greatest product formulations. For this reason, USANA manufactures its own nutritional supplements, and voluntarily meets pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Pharmaceutical GMP standards are far more stringent than the food GMP requirements set by the U.S. government for supplements.

To adhere to the exacting standards of pharmaceutical GMP, and to ensure the quality of every product manufactured, USANA inspects all raw ingredients before they are mixed, tests the product during manufacturing, and performs a final analysis before any product is sent to the customer. USANA's Quality Assurance team keeps track of every detail, from careful testing and evaluation of raw materials, to meticulous product shipping and storage. Visitors to USANA's corporate headquarters can take a self-guided tour to see USANA's manufacturing process firsthand.

USANA Vitamins Rated #1

USANA vitamins continue to top the list as the #1 nutritional supplement in Lyle MacWilliams' Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, which compares 500 products in North America. USANA strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practices for pharmaceutical-grade products - standards much higher than those of most nutritionals. USANA manufactures the highest quality vitamins with a potency guarantee. Products that people can trust - what is on the label is what is inside the bottle. Read about our unrivaled million-dollar guarantee to world-class athletes. 
In addition, USANA follows USP guidelines for potency, uniformity, and dissolution of the tablet. USANA was recently recognized for producing the best vitamins at the "Best of State" awards gala for the fourth consecutive year over 100 companies manufacturing nutritional supplements in the state of Utah.

Commercially-available vitamins fall far short of meeting the nutritional and protective needs of the body's cells. USANA is one of the only nutritional supplements listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference. This volume is the reference of choice for doctors who need an accurate and authoritative overview of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products.  

  USANA Reset: 5-Day High-Fiber Cleanse

USANA wants to help you "reset your health" with the 5-day RESET program:

  • Lose the Cravings
    Break free from carbohydrate addiction and discover the power of low-glycemic foods.
  • Lose the Pounds
    Jump-start your healthy new lifestyle by losing those first five pounds. Reset your body's chemistry to achieve your total weight loss goal.
  • Find the New You
    Discover the lean, healthy, and energetic person inside you.

The new RESET kit includes 15 servings of Nutrimeal in individual pouches, 10 bars, 5 AM/PM HealthPaks, instructions, and an exclusive DVD that is only available in the kit. The kit comes in two choices: a flavor variety pack with Dutch Chocolate, Wild Strawberry, and French Vanilla Nutrimeal, or a single-flavor French Vanilla pack.  You'll love these great-tasting shakes.

Importantly, the added convenience means improved compliance and results - great news for busy people like you who are trying to manage their weight and improve their eating habits while on the go. Order your RESET kit now!   California to New York, and Illinois to Texas!
Call me with any questions---Ray Christensen, USANA Distributor    (302) 633-1482 

Products ship to the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Mexico. 

Work from home on my team!  Be a USANA Distributor and I will put you online!

USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or www.usana.com.
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